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Landscaping and Maintenance

The Genesis Landscaping company started as the hobby of our owner. He took great pride in creating beautiful, picturesque landscaping around his home. The care he showed in maintaining his own yard quickly spread to his neighbors, then family and church members. Before he knew it, the quality, integrity and pride he took in his own yard grew into a business. 

Now the GL teams carry a feeling of pride delivering beautifully landscaped yards with the same quality and care our owner does. 

    We provide lawn maintenance, trimming, edging, tree cutting, garden preparation, fence building and repair, landscape design, pet waste management, blowing and hauling. The best part about our service is we treat your yard like its ours and there are no hidden fees or extra charges, the price you are quoted is the price you pay.

Give us a call today and let us keep your yard beautiful!

Landscape Design and Sod Installation

    The yard is a blank canvas for you to express the personality of your family and your home. We will help you design aesthetically pleasing areas that fit the needs and reflect the personality of your family. 

    If you have an area around your property where you would like to have grass or turf, we take care of that too! We have several options of turf and sod to fit your maintenance requirements

Image by Markus Spiske

Gardening and Nursery

     In California, you can garden all year long, enjoying a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables. We can help you with that! Let us do the hard work aerating, fertilizing and preparing your garden soil for planting. 

     Also visit our nursery section for a selection of colorful shrubs, delicious fruits, hearty vegetables, and prize winning flowers. We will prep your garden and deliver your plants and seedlings in time for sowing.

Image by Christopher Ayme

Pet Waste Removal and Hauling

     We admit it, we love our furry ones too! They are part of our families, they just happen to potty outside. With our Pet Waste removal service, you can schedule us to stop by regularly and dispose of your pets waste leaving the area clean and sanitized for other yard activities everyone can enjoy. 

     If you have a clean out, or materials that need to be disposed of, our team will gladly help you get rid of the unwanted items. Send us a photo of the area or items you need disposed and we will provide you with a quote and a few times when you can schedule us to stop by. 

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